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About Netherlands Work Permit

  • Freshers / Internship Experience is Accepted.
  • No IELTS / Language Test Needed.
  • Minimum Salary EUR 2,543 per month.
  • Overseas works can’t be exploited.
  • This visa will provide you a Resident Permit to Live & Work in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is one of the best countries for tech. companies & also known as Europe’s most wired country. It gives work visa for 4 years where an applicant can apply based upon the eligibility criteria. It is known as Essential Starter Personnel Work Permit.

About Canada Visa

It is launched in June 2021 as a PILOT (temporary) program. The Government has tried this for the first time to introduce this as a temporary program until 2025.They will re-evaluate it in 2025, if they need to make it permanent program and the processing time is 90 days. The Essential Starter Personnel Work Permit enables candidates to work for any STARTUP of their choice in Netherlands.

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    Job Opportunities In Netherlands

    Marketing, Logistics, Tourism, Data Entry, Research, Engineering, HR, Sales, Retail, Finance, Accounting,

    IT, Talent Acquisition and many more.

    Amsterdam’s Homegrown Tech. Companies are responsible for 44K Jobs.

    Whereas Netflix, Tesla & Amazon have added another 34K jobs.

    Netherlands has more than 200,000 startups.

    Even hiring just 5 people would be enable 1 Million people to move to the Netherlands.